Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Devoted to everything your body will love you for

You may have what you need to survive, but do you have what you need for your body to thrive? If your body made the choices about what you did to it every day, what would it choose?
After many years of research this is what I believe your body would ask for:
  • Clean air
  • Pure water
  • Natural food
  • Daily movement – exercise
  • Freedom from stress – physical and mental

They all sound simple, but in a modern world many people live in conditions that violate all of these requirements.

The Essence of Health was born out of finding a way of living that I believe nature intended us to live,  a pure and natural life, or at least as close to it as possible, whilst still embracing a modern lifestyle.

My mission is to inspire people to embrace natural, healthy habits so that they can live a longer, more fulfilling life.

Explore the pages to find out how I can help improve your nutrition, and help to relieve the stresses from your life through massage and lifestyle interventions.  Whether you choose a 1 hour massage, a day workshop or a weekend (or longer) retreat, my mission will ensure that you move closer to a healthier life.

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