Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Benefits of massage for your retirement years

A large proportion of my clients are living an active life following retirement from their jobs.  Massage can be hugely beneficial for people in this stage of their lives and has helped many of my clients maintain hobbies they love or just stay active at a time when aches and pains are considered inevitable – but don’t always need to be with proper care.

Here are a few of the benefits that clients have noted:

Increased movement and mobility

Massage increases blood flow around the body. Proper blood circulation is vital for all body functions including the limbs.

Massage will also soften hard muscles and tissues which can be another cause of restricted movement.

The biggest causes of restricted mobility I see are due to lower back pain and restriction in the range of motion in the arms. The latter usually causes clients to have difficulty reaching things from higher shelves.

To improve both issues regular massage and simple exercises are recommended.  Clients who have followed my recommendations have been able to return to hobbies such as golf and walking or return to a normal active life.

Reduction in arthritis pain

Massage therapy alleviates the burning pain that comes with arthritis by increasing blood flow to the joints. Blood also warms the affected area hence relieving pain in the region.  During your massage I can also talk to you about other interactions that will help relieve arthritis pain such as exercise and nutrition.

Creates feelings of caring and comfort

For those that have lost a partner or spouse and now live alone it is highly likely that they are deprived of any form of touch from another person.  Deprivation of touch can kill a baby even if all other needs are met and whilst the result may not be so profound in adulthood, the lack of touch is still damaging to our well-being.   Massage can provide comfort and relaxation to anyone but especially to those living alone.

For clients who feel self-conscious about being undressed with a therapist please ask about clothed massage or a massage on less intimate body parts such as hands and arms, feet or face.  A facial massage can be deeply relaxing many people and many clients find this to be the favourite part of their whole massage.

Increase flexibility

Where flexibility is an issue I recommend a combination of massage and some simple exercises. Massage improves flexibility by softening joints and muscles, I will also gently stretch tendons where appropriate and direct exercise to this end to further improve flexibility between massages.

Increases the feeling of well-being and happiness

Recent studies indicate that massage therapy triggers the production of neurotransmitters and hormones such as dopamine, which help in proper functioning of the nervous system. Dopamine is responsible for joy and happiness.

Improves sleep

When muscles are tense and tight it can be hard to sleep well.  I have already discussed how massage can relieve tension in muscles, and this benefit alone can help improve sleep.  Massage is also deeply relaxing, and this effect can be enhanced with the use of aromatherapy oils that will help to promote sleep.

If you would like to feel these benefits in your life book an appointment via Beehive Healthcare in Chester 01244 915603 or contact me about visiting you in your home 0775 801 2894.  Contact me if you have any questions about massage, I will be happy to help.


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