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Food and exercise are two really important aspects of lifestyle.  Whilst these aspects are well known there are other areas of your lifestyle that  could be having a huge affect on your health.  These include:

  • Stress
  • How you eat
  • Breathing
  • Toxic chemicals in your everyday household products, toiletries and cosmetics

Our body was designed to experience stress and recover quickly when the cause of the stress has disappeared.  Modern lifestyles tend to create a constant level of low to moderate stress that never goes away. As a result we learn to live with chronic stress.  When high stress events happen, we are ill prepared to cope with them if we are already burnt out from constant stress exposure.  Stress is extremely damaging to many of our body systems.

Digestive System

Under stress the digestive system shuts down.  The ultimate level of stress would probably mean that you were running for your life. In such conditions your body is not going to put the digestion of food at the top of its priority list.  It needs all of the energy it can to get those legs pumping as fast as they can.  In order to do this your body will divert blood supplies from other areas of the body so that maximum energy and oxygen are available for you to run.  Depending on when you last ate your body may cause you to vomit – so that it doesn’t have to deal with that undigested food or have diarrhoea. These are the fastest ways of eliminating food from the digestive system.

Other affects on the digestive system can include:

  • disruption to peristalsis – the movement of your bowel as food passes through
  • stomach ache
  • heartburn
  • indigestion
  • acid reflux
  • ulcer

If you live in a constant state of stress due to pressures at work or home, each meal time becomes another chore for your body to deal with when it is already struggling.

Help the digestive system by being stress free at meal times. Eating in a calm and quiet place instead of “on the run”.  If you already have digestive problems I can help you to heal these through food choices and supplements.  Massage over the stomach area is another way to help and we can also include beneficial essential oils to this massage.

Muscular System

Under stress your muscles become tense.  Chronic stress can lead to muscles being constantly tense.  This can lead to pain, particularly in the back, neck and shoulders, although all muscles can be affected.  Both Swedish massage and aromatherapy can be extremely beneficial for the release of muscle tension.

Immune System

Chronic stress leads to a weakening of the immune system.  It is therefore important to look for possible areas of stress in your life as soon as you start to feel that your health is being challenged in some way.  Whilst working on the stress I can help you to support your body with supplements to protect you against further deterioration of your health.

How You Eat

A busy lifestyle has taught us to eat on the go, without consideration for what we are eating.  We also combine foods in a way that is not helpful for digestion.  Re education of how you eat may be a huge step forward to solving digestive problems.


Many people shallow breathe or are breathing in pollution throughout their day.  Learning deep breathing and having the opportunity to takes these breaths in a clean environment can make a huge impact to your health.

Chemical Overload

In my early 20’s I found out that I was chemically sensitive and was forced to find chemical free skincare and household care products.  Whilst many people considered that this hugely disadvantaged me I quickly learned to adapt. I am now very grateful for the many years that I have lived with a much lower toxic load on my body.


After years of testing various skin care products I am now happy to promote a range of natural skincare and chemical free products as well as showing people how they can use essential oils within personal hygiene regimes and in household care.

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